Everything starts with a great TEAM

Mojoflower is a positive and empowering place. It is inclusive and is a place for personal and professional growth. If you like what you see and are interested in joining, please contact us through the e-mail address below. hello@mojoflower.io

Please include why you are passionate about the work you do or your areas of interest. Also, what excites you about blockchain, and what problem you believe that blockchain might solve.

And please, make sure you include previous work or project and any hidden powers you might have!

  • Interface (1)
    Front end development

    Every garden needs landscapers, so our visitors enjoy their stay, and the pathways lead them where they want to go!

    If you like making things look their best whilst understanding how things are connected and have experience and interest in the following, please get in touch.

    Your tool kit might include

    • NPM
    • Stencil.js
    • Github
    • Figma or similar
    • Adobe Ps
    • Adobe Xd
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • Go
    • Python
    • Paper and Pad

  • Web programming
    Back End Development

    Botanists are well equipped with knowledge and understanding of the biological needs of a garden. They are the ones that ensure that all root systems can reach the intended soil and understand what types of plants live well together. 

    If you see the beauty in it and are fascinated with a system's intricacies, we are looking for you.

    Your toolkit might include

    • NPM
    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • Go
    • Python
    • AWS/Azure
    • All things Stellar
    • Understanding of other blockchains

  • Strategy
    Contract Logic

    A garden has many flowers, and our flowers attract butterflies. In our garden, the Butterfly Effect is very real. One small "this" might cause a very big "that." This is why we need strong minds, forward-thinking, and mapping of potential events.

    We are looking for you if you enjoy taking simple scenarios and realizing the different outcomes, and you have a methodology for it.

    You might be very skilled at

    • Solving puzzles
    • Algorithms
    • Game theory
    • Engineering
    • White hat Hacking
    • System experience
    • Human Psychology
    • Sudoku
    • Physics
    • Criminology
    • Law

  • Auction

    As wonderful as they might be, not all plants were created legal. We need to have someone who is aware of this and understands and can tell the difference.

    As sometimes the most beautiful roses have the most dangerous thorns, we need to stay alert. It's important so that we know what we can grow and can keep our visitors well informed. 

    You might possess valuable knowledge about

    • Securities, Contract, Trade law
    • EU legislation / International law
    • FATF/AML initiatives
    • Beneficial Ownership registration
    • GDPR
    • Claims and disputes
    • Blockchain outlook and CBDC

  • Verified

    The fastest way for a garden to spoil is to get infested with pests. We need to keep that danger away and as organically as possible, keeping all the Poison Ivy's under control. We want to build a healthy ecosystem from the ground up. These are both technical threats due to bugs or serious malicious human actors. 

    Your experience might include

    • Security specialist 
    • A white-hat hacker
    • Information security
    • Distributed networks
    • "CiSP"
    • Bounty hunting

  • Bullhorn (1)
    Sales & Marketing

    We have the best soil and provide the best services, and we need to get that message to the right people the garden can thrive and grow. Growth requires energy and rays of sunshine that can generate the greens! 

    In your background, there could be

    • Sales to Government
    • B2B experience
    • Social Media marketing
    • Salesforce/Hubspot
    • CRM
  • Graphic design
    Graphics and UI

    Having an eye for detail and understanding that design is key to our visitors' experience. Since our garden is in a beautiful binary world, we need to give it the aesthetics it deserves.

    You might be well versed in 

    • Adobe Ps
    • Adobe Xd
    • Adobe Ae
    • Figma
    • Paint
    • Ascii* gets you bonus points!
    • Pencil and Paper
    • Cartoon drawing
  • Leaves
    General flowerist

    Do you have an interest in what we are building, but you don't see your skills listed? Get in touch and let us know what your skills or superpowers are and what you can contribute.

    Don't be shy; everyone is welcome in the garden!

Gender equality and diversity statement

We believe in a diverse workforce to create the best culture where the company is a vehicle for professional and personal growth.

We know that everyone has their superpowers, and fish are not born to climb trees. True success comes through empowerment, and we achieve our goal if our co-workers win alongside us.

We recognize the historical gender bias, and we want to correct it with our sisters and daughters. This is why we have chosen to follow guidelines as set forth by GemmaQ - https://gemmaq.org/ 

Oli, Founder

Gemmaq logo Gemmaq logo

The Gemmaq Index

GEMMAQ rates companies based on gender diversity among their leadership (CEO, Executives, Chairman, Board), to show women's real economic impact in the market, and color codes gender diversity to visualize the delegation of power. GEMMAQ stands for Gender Equality Measure Monthly Automated Quotation and - as the name implies - will be automatically updated on monthly basis.  

“If a plot of ground be sown with one species of grass, and a similar plot be sown with several distinct genera of grasses, a greater number of plants and a greater weight of dry herbage can be raised in the latter than in the former case.” - Charles Darwin, Origin of the Species.