The Problem

The current system is troubled

Governments are struggling to keep files up to date and rely on self-reporting and self-verification of ownership.

Shareholder compliance is a tedious and non-value adding task.

The result is a problem that creates inefficiencies in
the government that results in both economic and societal costs.  


The Solution

A platform that enables a system with right incentives

The government implements a system that rewards shareholders and increases share value with official verification of shareownership.

Shareholders get a share ledger system that increases liquidity and value of shares and reduces the burden of compliance.

The result is a healthier economy leads to increased economic growth.

Society benefits from more transparency and value of companies.



Stakeholder benefits

  • A state of the art share ledger and asset management system.
  • Lower the cost of compliance (Time and money)
  • Improved access to financial products and services.
  • Improved liquidity and access to investors.
  • Minority shareholders won't need to go through gatekeepers. 



Stakeholder benefits

  • A system that lowers the burden of shareholder compliance with incentives yielding better results.
  • Improved ability to track ownership of shares and a history of ownership, spanning the full lifecycle.
  • Improved ratings by standards of FATFA and other AML obligations.

Investors, FI, and 3rd party providers

Stakeholder benefits

  • Increased access to verified assets.
  • New customer groups for products and services.
  • Lowered infrastructure costs for services.
  • Improved analytics and KPI.
  • Bidirectional integration and reciprocal relationships.


Stakeholder benefits

  • Our platform will introduce new assets secured by the Stellar ledger and introduce a large group of users. 
  • New assets will increase the value stored on the network, increasing value that supports liquidity.
  • Our platform is open and competition friendly, so developers and service providers can introduce their products to users. 

Stellar logo

By building our platform on Stellar, we believe we can achieve the goal of solving a problem and unlocking value for business and society.

SME's - market

SME's Economics:

  • SME's are 99% of total enterprises (EU)
  • SME's account for 67% of employment (EU)
  • SME's account for 58% of gross value added (EU)
  • SME's struggle with a lack of access to capital - especially in emerging markets.

SME's Characteristic:

  • Are fast to adapt to new technology.
  • Compliance is a non-value-adding task with few added benefits.
  • Access to new capital is often limited and needs improvement.
  • SME's are often underserved and hungry for more!


Why Iceland?

Why is Iceland a good entry point for our solution?

  • Small market ~ 80K legal entities
  • Technical adoption is high Centralized eID is standard. 
  • Government support 25-35% rebate of the cost in innovation support program is standard.
  • EFTA member - (conforms with EU law)

We believe our platform can be leveraged to increase the growth of the economy in emerging markets.