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Government issue share-ledgers and share-management tools for SMEs.

We make smart contracts. Simple.

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Built for founders and business owners, our suite of share management tools will enable share and captable management, ownership permissions, and compliant reporting.

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    The Calyx is an easy-to-use but effective tool to manage assets and ownership status. It comes with an intuitive dashboard to view your own portfolio, explore the share-ledger of affiliated companies, and oversee the full life cycle of ownership of shares and other assets. 

    Shareholder list
    Single source truth
    Transfer of share ownership
    Transaction history
    Issue and adjust shares
    Add/Remove board members
    Enforce restrictions on trading

    and more

  • Sprouts


    Flora is a suite of ready-to-go smart contracts and services built that are descriptive and easy to use.

    You can think of Flora, your own library of contract templates where you only need to fill in the details of the deal so you can save time and cost. 

    Issue new equity
    Founders loans
    Schedule payments
    Contracts for pledging
    Transfer with Pre-emptive rights
    Voting power
    Collateralized loans
    Convertible debt
    Employee stock options
    Equity loans
    and more

  • Leaf


    Arva is a Reg tech system for asset issuance in an official capacity. Arva wants to be integrated with the existing infrastructure.

    Arva is built to be compliant and save time on governance, beneficial ownership registration, and AML standards.

    Private Limited Liability companies
    Other forms of Legal Entities
    Direct/Indirect control registration
    Beneficial Ownership registration
    Voting and control registration
    KYC and restricts on issued assets

    and more


Intuitive, simple to understand, and operate. Our dashboard is built for business leaders of today and tomorrow.

  • Main dashboard
  • Contract multiple payments
  • Contract collaralized loan

We make smart contracts. Simple.

Our platform is built for regular people. Our library of ready-to-go smart contracts enables you to transact with other people simply and securely. We utilize smart contract technology and simplify repetitive, costly, tedious tasks securely.

  1. Choose the right smart contract for the job.
  2. Fill in your counterparts.
  3. Hit send - and let the smart contract do the work. 

Smart contracts examples

for assets on the Stellar ledger
  • Escrow

    A simple, smart contract that holds payment in a locked contract until a given event happens.
  • Employee stock options

    Issue employee stock options that can be traded for shares at a set date in the future.
  • Convertible bonds

    Issue a convertible bond contract and set the terms with your lender. Establish timeframes for conversion.
  • Equity loans

    Issue simple equity loans and have the interest match dividend payments.
  • Pre-emptive rights

    Let shareholders exercise or waive their pre-emptive rights simply and securely.
  • Dividend payments

    Pay dividends to your shareholders at a given time with the approval of the board.
  • Issue new equity

    Issue new equity and deliver it directly to the shareholders' wallet.
  • Founders loan

    A contract to lend to your company as a founder's loan. Set interest rates and payback schemes with ease.
  • Buy-backs

    A simple contract to offer buy-backs of company shares.

All smart contracts include a detailed description of functionally and a legal guideline and recommendations for best practices to ensure success.


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